XprESS™ Procedure

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The XprESS Multi-Sinus Dilation Tool from Entellus elegantly combines multiple functions in a single, less invasive tool designed for sinus dilation procedures in the office.


Balloon Sinuplasty™

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Balloon Sinuplasty™ technology allows for a minimally invasive approach to treating chronic sinusitis symptoms that is clinically proven to be safe and effective.


Coblation® Procedure

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Coblation® tonsillectomy is a gentle way to remove both tonsils. Coblation® tonsillectomy uses radiofrequency, or RF, to remove tonsillar tissue. RF is a form of energy like radio waves, but with a higher frequency.

Valuable Health Information

Dr. Roth has developed an extensive list of resources to educate patients on many adult and pediatric ENT Disorders.


Everyone snores occasionally, but chronic snoring may have serious health and relationship consequences. One in four Americans has a problem with chronic snoring. If you're one of the millions of people whose life is disrupted by this condition, you've probably tried many ineffective remedies to help you stop snoring

Take the Sleep Apnea Quiz to see if you need to see Dr. Roth to improve your sleep quality and wake up refreshed!


Hearing Services of Nashville has teamed up with our practice to offer Audiology & Hearing Aide services in our office to patients of all ages.
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